What my Clients Are Saying about Coaching

I engaged Christine as a coach during a pivotal time in my life. I found her to be a powerful thinking partner — with a remarkable ability to hold space for deep inner work. Christine’s coaching style is warm and spacious. She makes insightful observations, asks truly powerful questions, and tracks nuggets from coaching conversations from one session to the next. Through our work together, I was able to let go of many unconscious patterns, external pressures, and internal expectations. The practices we put in place have allowed me to make significant shifts in my life and work. Christine is a gem, and this relationship was a true gift!
— Lynda Gerty, Organizational Consultant
Christine has an amazing talent of pulling the right kinds of information out of the soul and leading a person down the wonderful path of discovering the strengths and beauty that have been waiting to shine. The timing of my journey with Christine couldn’t have been more perfect. I’d just left my corporate job to begin a consulting business. However, I was still very unsure about who I was as a professional and businesswoman. Over a period of several months, Christine coached me out of several fears and limiting mindsets. I gained confidence, peace, and invaluable insight into my identity during our sessions. Christine’s gift is the ability to unlock and open the door to possibility.
— Jilliam Joe, Entrepreneur
Working with Dr. Charmes is truly a life-changing experience. The way she inspires and helps you explore what is working in your life and what isn’t is incredibly helpful. And she’s so supportive all along the way. It’s a process everyone should try.
— E., Non-Profit Leader
Christine’s coaching always brings me to closer connection with myself. She is a genius at gently assisting with confronting the things that hold you back. Christine brings a sense of peace and grace to her coaching that allows you to really connect with your inner wisdom and reach a place of full flow. Working with her has been a major factor in the progress I have made both personally and professionally. She provided space for my authentic self to emerge and be recognized, and breathed life into my resolve to take a step forward each day towards these goals. I am successfully living the vision elaborated in our sessions.
— Elizabeth Saigal, Author
I had never worked with a life coach before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect of the work when I had the opportunity to work with Christine. I had also never left my career before and moved across the country, so there were a lot of new experiences for me! Christine made me feel like I could show up to our virtual sessions exactly as I was; sometimes excited, sometimes fearful, and sometimes feeling completely unsure of myself. She gracefully blended breath work, meditation, and skillful conversation in our sessions that allowed me to incorporate my mind, body, and spirit into the work we were doing. For someone who spends A LOT of time in my head, this was very valuable to me. Christine also gently pushed me to go deep and be self-reflexive, even when I really wanted her to give me the answers. Her intuitive and intelligent approach allowed me to tap into what was my underlying passion and purpose and how, through my own self-awareness, I was able to see clearly the many opportunities that lay in front of me!
— Kerrie Kauer, Researcher
Dr. Christine cares and listens. And the questions that come from this sensitive listening penetrate deeply because they come from a place of connection and insight. This coach knows how to keep you on track and moving toward a better understanding of yourself. Don’t miss an opportunity to be coached by her!
— Pat